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Available through these auction sites and many others:

ADESA AuctionEdge
OPENLANE SimulCast SmartAuction

"On multiple occasions, we have been saved from buying a car with a problem on it such as frame damage because CARFAX reported the information." Tim Weaver | Sales Manager | Sterling Motorcars Inc.

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Instant CARFAX Reports

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Aol Autos
Truecar YAHOOautos

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"CARFAX helps us sell cars faster, because of their strong brand and partnerships in the marketplace. The power of the CARFAX brand helps us close at least two extra deals per month."
Jaguar Land Rover | Austin, Damon Spears

CARFAX Vehicle History Report with Consumer Info Pack™

CARFAX Consumer Info Pack

Build buyer confidence and increase warranty revenue

CARFAX History Impact™

CARFAX History Impact

Build buyer confidence in your price with the CARFAX History Impact feature on CARFAX Reports

"We've been using CARFAX History Impact since it came out and absolutely love it. We've got customers saying 'Show Me the CARFAX' all the time, but we know that to them it also means 'show me the value'. What better way to reinforce the fact that they're getting a great deal from us than to have it right there in black and white on the CARFAX Report?" Grand Forks | Subaru Kia | Kevin Phelps


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CARFAX is an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider and is pleased to provide NMVTIS Checks for your dealership at 49ยข per check. Please read and accept the NMVTIS Check terms and conditions to continue.

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